Jessica (dancinpumkin) wrote,

Garrble giggly gloo glopppp.....

Yes yes yes....I have once again moved back in with my mother. You know dad is the biggest fucking dipshit i have ever met in my entire life to say the least. It just amazes me how a person can have a child and then totally fuck over their life. But, he can throw all my things away and say all the bullshit he wants because deep down i know that there is something inside of me that he will never be able to take away from me and I try to think of that when he attempts to fuck things up for me and the rest of my family. My father is such a let down for me and one day my brother will see all the things that my dad does...all the hate, all the greed, all the sexist, violent, and immature dim witted things that only my father would be capable of producing on this earth. Errrrrggg....fuck my dad in the ass with barbed fucking wire....annnyyyywaaayyysss tho...moving on to something else now that i feel slightly better... dammit i wish that i could stop thinking about what he did this afternoon because it's starting to get to me. I had a feeling inside of me that something like that was going to happen...shiiiitt. I just hope that i can at least get rozi's purse from there because her cell phone is in there and i will feel REALLY fucking terrible if he throws it away or whatever. I am gonna try to think positively now tho. School wasn't too bad today besides being really dizzy and sleepy in sixth period. I'm feeling more into the social mood now at least when I'm there so maybe I'll make some more friends and stuff. Actually, I didn't see too many people i wanted to see today but, I think that i can deal with it. I wish that i could have at least gotten the medication and her purse tho from my dad's dammit.
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