Jessica (dancinpumkin) wrote,

I'm so happy....<3 <3 <3

Last night was so fun!! Hehehehe. I got to see Marcus (<3) and it was all good....yay. :) Hmmmm....still living with my dad after all...I have no balls anymore obviously. Right now I'm just chillin at my mom's house...which is alright...might go to Rocky tonite. For the past week we didn't have any phone service at my dad's and we have it back now so yeah. I am becoming pretty good friends with this guy that i work with that is 5 years older than me...chris. But it is all cool here. I went to the Vineyard last night and saw some shows, it was fun. Especially seeing David with the huge ass water guns and killin people in the pit. Yes yes yes last night was quite interesting. I must go to work today...*sigh*...but at least i'll get paid next week i suppose. Peace.
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