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yeah yeah yeah my life officially sucks...*points gun at head*

I'm so fucking pissed. Today has sucked fuckin donkey balls. Karley had to leave early and i didnt do a goddamn thing all day except be on this computer and bored out of my mind!! FUCK!! New years is going to be so fuckin stupid. Shiiiiit, no one wants to do anything with me and i probably wouldnt be able to anyways and most people are already gonna do what they have planned and shit like that so i'm basically fucked. I'm probably gonna go to fucking church with my mom and be totally depressed because i have like two fucking friends for christ sake!! Fuck me i'm a loser. Seriously. Why cant i have friends that want to do things with me??!? FUCK ME. i hate myself with a passion which grows stronger by the day.
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